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Gun Mayhem


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Gun MayhemGun Mayhem is one of legendary flash games which became very popular. You are able to customize your player, you can play by yourself against PC, or against your friend. This game also offers great and fun levels, crazy sounds and stunning animations for such a simple flash game. Here on our website you can also play Gun Mayhem 2, 3 or 4, as well as some other similar games.
The most important thing in this game is stay on the table. If you fall off the table, you are dead. Also, you need to get your opponent off the table and you win the game. It may sounds simple, but it is very difficult to do sometimes.
If you play campaign, you can unlock new weapons and new levels.
To play use arrow keys, to shoot use [ , and to place a bomb use ] .
Enjoy on our website !

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